A Brighter Future

I made a lot of mistakes in my past, but if judged myself on what I did in my past, then I couldn’t build a brilliant and shining future.

I was born and raised in an extraordinary and marvelous country. A country which is filled with different and interesting traditions, a country with great and instructive educated leaderships.

I am a Gemini, I first blew my candles.
From my point of view to build a better future and be a superior person. you have to predict the future, daydream of what you want to be and then create it. Never lose hope, and keep on trying until you achieve your dream. Always believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of moving forward. Since I was 7 years old, I dreamed to be one of the famous graphic designers in my country, in the world even, moreover, I dreamed to have my own apparel company. That dream has not faltered, now that I have taken that passion with a lot of hard work and finally opened my own store makes me feel that I can express and find myself in it. I wanted to be a guy who will help people and guide others to achieving their dreams and encourages me to do what I/THEY want. Our future is like a flying kite as it flies higher with stronger adverse wind we are close enough to reach our dreams. My future is created by what is done today not tomorrow, I decided to study to study hard and never give up because the beginning is always the hardest part of moving forward, in making something of yourself. So this image signifies the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun shining on your darkest day, never look into the past, you aren’t going that way. Keep moving towards your goals and make something of yourself, whatever that may be.