The Ultimate Denarius Giveaway

The Ultimate Denarius Giveaway has begun!

Wouldn't it be amazing to win a consistent amount of money every year from a dedicated apparel company? Well now you have the opportunity to do just that. 

Rules to enter: (Including Instagram post description)

We are giving away an amazing opportunity. Royalties to one of our pieces of clothing!
You will receive 10% of the profit for a single piece of clothing and the best part is...
YOU DECIDE which one you want to take the royalties from!

There will be 2 winners:
1st Place: 10% royalties & (1) of their chosen apparel.
2nd Place: (1) T-shirt of their choosing.

To enter all you must do is follow Denarius Clothing and like this post. (1entry)
For additional entries:
1. Like DenariusClothing on FB (1 entry)
2. Tag your friends (1 entry per valid tag)
3. Share this post and tag @DenariusClothing (5 entries)
4. Buy any piece of clothing on (50 entries)
;Note: PLEASE put your Instagram name in message at checkout.

1. Talk about DenariusClothing

Short Points:

-The 1st winner will win 10% royalties from ONE piece of clothing (see more below) and 1 of their chosen item.

-The 2nd winner will receive a t-shirt of their choice.



This is Denarius's first giveaway and it's a blow out. Here are the

Terms&Conditions for entry 

The 1st place winner will receive 10% royalties from all sales from a individual piece of clothing.

They will receive 10% royalties, not from the design, but for what the design is printed on. Eg. If the 1st place winner chooses 'A Brighter Future | Mens Tank Top' then they will only receive royalties from the tank top sales of A Brighter Future and not, for example 'A Brighter Future | Unisex Fleece Pullover'. They also won't receive royalties for anything else printed on 'Mens Tank Tops' for this instance. Only the item they choose and nothing more, even if the chosen design is printed on a different product/s.

Denarius Clothing will not make duplicate copies of the winners decided piece of apparel to disadvantage the winners potential earnings.

The 10% royalties are tallied from the profit of the sale after production & shipping costs are deducted.

1st place will have 10% royalties of profit for that piece of clothing until that design is discontinued. The winner is guaranteed at least 1 year of royalties from that product and if the item is discontinued, then it will likely never come back to the store. If that item potentially does come back, then the royalties will also be reinstated to the 1st place winner.

The life span of each item could be anywhere from, but not limited to,1-5years.

1st place will be responsible for any tax or charges related to winning the Grand Prize.

All rights to the pieces of clothing and designs are still 100% owned by Denarius. 

When we have chosen the winner, they will be required to provide us with a way to pay them (preferable PayPal). Some payment styles may be denied.

If the winner acts inappropriately or degrades the integrity of Denarius Clothing or it's creators, then the royalties will be abolished without notice. 

Payouts will be annually on the 1st of July every year. 

2nd place wins a T-shirt of their choosing that is sold on 2nd place won't receive any royalties for their chosen t-shirt


The winner will be announced on the 9.9.21